I am a professional artist redefining my future. Now working in the real world and painting part-time.

For most of my 25 year painting career I have painted the concept of a woman’s emotions, using the female figure as a vehicle in that quest. I also worked in abstracted landscapes and mixed media following that same pattern of expression. Because I always felt women were the architects of our civilization. This, I still believe.

As I approach  the mature state of my career, I am evolving  to another plateau. My subject matter has become more subjective and I now paint the core essence of emotions. That vague internal spark where it all births and begins. It is of course, the journey of a lifetime.

One thing has not changed, I always try to convey in my work, no matter if the feeling of the painting is light or dark, is a sense of hope.  An innate strength of character to overcome and go forward with life.

  1. Rellick says:

    You are very inspiring. Hope is allways close.


  2. I of July says:

    really like your work


  3. Nickie Brook says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the like 🙂


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