The Aestrah Cycle

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Art, Women, Writing
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I have been remiss in my Blog for I have been assisting my husband edit, design, finish and publish his second book called “The Aestrah Cycle”.  I also quit my job, did not want to -but was left with no choice; and after nearly a month of searching I finally was offered a position I am ecstatic about, and will talk more on that subject later. For now, this is the press release for the book titled The Aestrah Cycle……a most excellent read available in soft cover and for Kindle.  Rather exciting!

Cover for the Aestrah Cycle --Design and layout by C. Gordon-Harris 2014

Cover for the Aestrah Cycle –Design and layout by C. Gordon-Harris 2014



June 23, 2014

New Mexico-based author E.L. Harris has announced the released of his second novel, The Aestrah Cycle. Harris, a free-lance writer for 45 years, traveled worldwide extensively, and has used his skills to create the story of a matriarchal-dominant society pre-recorded history hidden deep in the Amazon jungle.

Based upon the legend of Las Madres de Sombra – the Mothers of Shadow – Harris introduces the reader to a society where men are mere herd animals bred for work and pleasure. Without a developed male consciousness, the women of Aestrah rule with a ruthless hand, guided by a word-of-mouth history and prohibitive laws. The story follows one female who begins to understand the inequity and seeks to bring about the dawning of male consciousness.

The Aestrah Cycle seeks to shed light on today’s repressive attitude towards women, especially in those parts of the world where women are regarded as little more than property. The reasons, Harris theorizes, is really nothing more than payback for centuries of matriarchal rule. The Aestrah Cycle examines the rationale for much of today’s turmoil as part of a cycle of growth and development that eventually could lead to a society less gender-based.

The Aestrah Cycle is now available as paperback and Kindle e-book, from Harris’ first novel, Wings of the Fly, is also still available at the same location and deals with the South American cocaine wars of the 1980’s in Peru and Columbia.

He is currently working on a third book, So Simple A Name As Eden, a novel of the Galapagos Islands.

For more information, contact Harris at

  1. Congrats to you and your husband!


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