Wind, Fire, Rain

Posted: June 20, 2012 in painting adventures
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Wind blows, Fire burns, Water falls, …….”  Leeloo, The Fifth Element

Blue Petal, oil on canvas
35×46 cm (14×18)

The heat of the day takes your breath away and leaves an arid dusty taste in your mouth. The promise of rain is just a wish as the sky clouds over, darken, and then the wind comes howling round the corner of the hills, fades out and comes back again like an oscillating fan pushing any potential moisture away to the East.

Firewood stands in a large pile waiting to be stacked, but the wind makes it difficult to work outside.  The plants did not get water yesterday because of the wind,  they slept thirsty that night.

The fires continue in the state burning away more acres than was ever recorded in history, destroying homes, changing lives.  We are far away but the smoke travels to us, hovering in the atmosphere, making sunsets and sunrises more orange and red than ever before.

My garden is green but every blade of would be grass on the property lays low and sports shades of brown. The ground is so very thirsty and at times I feel guilty watering my flowering plants. Water. Such a precious commodity.  My little cottonwood tree died last summer due to the extreme winter the year before. I had carried water out to it all summer long in hopes it would survive, but last  fall, we let it go and cut it down to a stump, brittle to the core. Made me so very sad. Two weeks ago it decided to try again. New growth crowded its base and so I am watering it once more with renewed hope.

I have finished the series.  Blue Petals is the last one, part me, part something else. Past, present future all tied together.  Now the time comes to do final touch ups, paint sides, wire, identify each and get them ready for the show.  I had postcard invitations printed up and these will be mailed out to friends and associates, handed out to strangers and left in different locations should someone want to take one home. I also have a small mailing list of galleries in Santa Fe, perhaps an interest will be sparked.

The book on the first group of Works in Blue along with their associated Blog is complete and available. I created the book on Blurb,   and  will offer this for sale during the show.  Two weeks to get everything done, I am a bit excited!

In addition, all three of the sculpture pieces are now finished. I posted them on my website at under sculpture… stuff. Put money and effort into this show, weather or not it pays off in some manner only time will tell. However, whether it does or not, it is worth every penny.

The easel looks empty with nothing on it,  perhaps something new will come into being.

I felt a click in the universe, more than a ripple, something like one clog connecting to another.   The phone rang all day that day, more than it has rung in the last 3 months. Nothing of any consequence, wrong numbers, solicitors and the such.  However, one was for an interview for a job … cake decorator…WhooHoo! I will know more next week!  A sigh of relief, I really was getting close to the point of resigning to my fate.

Must clip the poodle today, the doggie beauty shop did not do a very good job this time. To top things off he went under the fence into the field across the road and managed to get covered with seeds. I thought he was too big to fit between the barbed-wire, obviously not, so off comes the fur!  He will now be cooler and I will pay closer attention to the gate!

There are extremes happening. Too much heat, too much wind and no rain.  But I have a show in July, I have a job interview and my hopes are once again renewed. Moving forward ever so slowly……


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