“…there ain’t no journey what don’t change you some.” -David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Elements of a Blue Dream, oil on canvas
46×53 cm (18×21)

Ayeeeeeeee! A booger of a full moon, the Transit of Venus, a Lunar Eclipse…….all happening close together….I am bouncing off the walls with excitement from the ripples in the force! Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing……….. finishing the bird sculpture, working on this, stopping to work on that, walking outside, walking in, down the road and back again my every faithful standard poodle by my side.

I read a saying that went something like this: when you no longer know what to do you come to your real work, when you no longer know where to go the real journey begins. Oh, said Alice ( aka me right now) to the caterpillar as she stood at the crossroads, which road shall I take? Where are you going, queried the caterpillar? I do not know, Alice responded. Well then, the caterpillar said smugly, it really does not matter which road you take, if you travel long enough you’ll eventually get there!”

Such blatant wisdom, it hurts.

I went to the monthly opening of a local gallery for one of the artists in its stable. Always wondered why they call it a stable of artists as if we are all animals………… anyway,  I complimented the woman on her work and tish’d, tish’d about the small crowd and hoped it would get bigger as the evening wore on.

“No matter”, she said, “I sell real estate for a living and was so busy I forgot I even was going to have a show until the gallery sent out the invitations. Well I said to myself best get some paintings together and get them over there! I did not even have time to send out any e-mail notices!”  I smiled a tight smile and said “Remarkable and yet here you are!”

I wanted to scream.  Am I the last real artist alive today who really, really, cares about anything?!! Redundant question, no answer required for a change.

The next day I started two new canvases. The larger one I am still working on, but this one jumped on the canvas with lustful joy. “Elements of a Blue Dream” is my surrealistic side that emerges in bloom every once in while instead of sneaking around the edges of a work. But I think this one is more….. greatly influenced by a string of small events which sent me spiraling in circles looking for a way out, when perhaps the way in was always open.

It rained yesterday, marble sized hail first then enough water from the sky to get the ground wet and give my dog a pair of mud boots.  The sky cleared this morning, cool, clear, bright ….and I raised my arms to the sky saying: enough of this! …let the real work, the real journey begin.

  1. Nancy Tanner says:

    so beautiful…


  2. donna martin says:

    Your spirit came through loud and clear…there are times when I just want to scream…I get so scrambled by indifference…I am told that its the passion the artist feels that sets them apart…you are indeed a REAL artist Cassandra both with the brush and pen…pay no attention to those who are just “there”…if anything feel sorry for them…xoxo


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