“The ancient oracle said that I was the wisest of all the Greeks.  It is because I alone, of all the Greeks, know that I know nothing.” Socrates

Blue vision, oil, 43x28cm (11×17)

Where are the great oracles? Why can’t I go to the temple, make an offering, ask a question AND have it answered immediately by a visionary in tune with the universe and the gods that be?  Have we evolved so far as to have lost our connection to the power of the mind?  Have we become so dependent on only what we see and the doctrine of others, that self-awareness has become numbed by the banality, mediocrity and baseness of it all?  Aye, more questions!!!

There was a time I knew the answers.  There was a time when I could say the words and the next day it would be created.  There was a time when I was my own oracle.  There was a time before I evolved into who I now am……

….and who are you little girl?……the question is offered……I am still working on the answer.

Yes, yes, I know…the questions are more important than the answers….and I do have the questions, just not the right ones…….I am working on that as well.

The wind howls again today as a “front” passes somewhere nearby, making it unpleasant to be outside without teeter lines.  The baby birds in the nest under the awning are already flapping their wings anxious to leave and begin their lives,. My garden is exploding this year….must have asked the right questions of the plants when they were young. A rather large brown garter snake slithered past my feet into the garden while I was watering this morning. Sent a chill up my spine…..like I did not exist there for a moment as it passed unconcerned.

On top of it all I did manage to create another piece of my blue puzzle.  Blue Visions is a small canvas but a continuation and contribution to the other side of blue series……seems my people with umbrellas are traveling somewhere?  Hummm….another canvas awaits but I must recharge a bit,  unless a silent oracle whispers in my mind.

Not a single response to my applications in the last 30 days, not one!  A friend said, well Cassandra perhaps this is what you are supposed to be doing………perhaps.  The oracle would have given me a riddle to solve that would have led me to an answer.  “Perhaps” is quite ambiguous.

So here’s another question: am I so wise because I know nothing? Do the wise question everything or just fools;  or is it the fools who are the wise ones, walking blindly though life without questions filled with the absolute conviction that what they are doing is right.

I know not what is right or wrong, if it is this way or that way, only that it is today and today is evolving into tomorrow way too quickly;  that there is too much hate, not enough love and no oracles to offer comfort, solace and answers.


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