“Red Sky in the morning, sailor take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.” old mariners rhyme


Other side of Blue, oil on canvas, 77×91 cm (30×36)

Batten down the hatches matey, there’s a storm a comin’!

It rained yesterday, magic water from the sky, forming puddles which soaked into the dry ground like a kid sucking though a straw on the last bit of a malt.  At 6:30 this morning the sun rose above the low hills as a fiery red ball. Surrounding clouds shimmered with yellow, orange, pink and purple hues.  Truly magical. I tried to take a photo but something like that requires a better camera with filters.

The air is quiet this day, previously unknown dense humidity, in the high two digits, shrouds the valley in which I live with watery mist and low hanging clouds, everything is very wet.  You can feel the plants growing, the trees stretching their branches further out,  the grasses turning green before your eyes. Enjoy it while you can I tell myself, we probably will not see another drop before August.

The dampness has seeped into the house and with the dropping temperature I am forced to turn on the heater in my studio, put on a sweater and light a fire in the stove until the sun comes to warm the day.  One of the halogen bulbs on the tracks above the drawing table has burnt out and I cannot seem to get it out of its socket.  Will deal with this later. Music, need music today.

Finished another painting, the energy flowing out of my fingers onto the brush with exceptional speed.  This new one is an evolution of the works in blue, taking my fascination with time and space to another level. We’ll see if I can continue this vein which seems to come from somewhere within my subconscious, making me barely aware of what I am doing until its partially finished. “Other Side of Blue” stands as a self-portrait. An inner reflection of the soul that keeps falling though the cracks in this life, creating an existence from the remnants of illusions, memories and faded realities.

Something this way does comes, whether it is a storm, glad tidings or something else that will just stop at the gate and move on, I feel the ripple in the force today. So I stay open like that fiery ball in the sky warming to the potential of another day to put in my pocket; holding it for when the dry dust blows and clouds my view.





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