“It’s okay to spin around and around in the same place. Just so long as you’re singing your heart out. ―Chica Umino, Honey and Clover, Vol. 4

Petal Time, oil on canvas 54×46 cm (21×18)


…but what happens when the song ends? what happens to the dreamer when the dream dies?  I have so many questions!

Aside from the chilling morning wind, spring is truly busting out all over, everything is making up for lost time and the years of neglect while I was in Kansas.  We have an invasion of Miller Moths. Thick swarms looking for nectar before moving further south. I turn off the outside lights at night. They sleep in the garden during the day, rising in great clouds when I water. No one knows why they are so abundant this year.  Yet another unanswered question.

Been feeling as if I am in a circle.  The days repeating themselves, a blip in time. I work on my gum paste sculpture and I feel great excitement (wait till you see what I have done!) I get chores accomplished when I do not feel like working on the canvas. The house is in dire need of painting so we have bought paint. A process started and added to the to do list, expanding the circle.

Then the phone rings and its Smiths grocery….they have an opening for a cake decorator, can I come by and show them what I can do?  You bet! Then I immediately feel insecure…can I do this? will I pass the test?   Jeez, makes me wonder how I ever got this far!    So I pull up my socks, and buck up.  I  have the interview, decorate the cake. She does not say,” just leave it there: but instead gets a storage/freezer box in which to save the cake. A good sign. But alas, three days later the position was filled by an in-store employee. Not to worry, I say, something else will rear its head down the road.

So here is the second of the two new ones, the continuation of  “Works in Blue”. This one I called “Petal Time”, the other “Night Petals”. ( you can see the other on my website at http://www.absolutearts.com/cgoharris)

I was working on the two simultaneously and they both finished up about the same time.  This one giving me a bit of trouble with the placement of the foot! The solution was found and I am pleased with the result. Having moved passed the women, I am subconsciously exploring my fascination with time, the music of the spheres, to wax poetic. Of interlocking, coexisting realities I glimpse every now and again.  It is all just a process, a bigger circle in which we evolve, step back, and evolve again; a little further into the reality we choose to exist within.

Seeds, leaves and dust are flying as the spring winds return.  In-between the gusts there is quiet.  I look around at the greenness slowly replacing the brown of winter, lusher green in the small garden that gets extra water. I hear the birds chirping, busy building nests.  The bees have now come, flitting from  one little wild blue flower to the yellow one….It looks like the Iris will bloom this year………hummingbirds stop for a drink……

….. the song continues, the dream lingers, the circle widens and I smile, my heart singing out…….and even though no one hears, it is still a good day.



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