Left turn on a Right Road

Posted: April 1, 2012 in painting adventures
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“What we do in this life echoes in eternity.” quote from the movie “Gladiator”

Seeded Petals, oil on canvas, 54x54 cm

All right, I was wrong! Sometimes the gods that be dangle second chances in front of you like a string of jeweled carrots. They play with us mere mortals for amusement, puppets on the strings of eternity. Putting the proverbial cart before the horse was easy when you trusted the expertise and knowledge of the person you were dealing with; I was learning exponentially with each new flower, I was having fun!  Did not even think to check for myself if such a venture into edible flowers was possible!

I needed to find our what the  health codes were so I could clean up a space to work and……Oh franenfuter with cheese I said to myself as I read the rules and regulations of the State of New Mexico for home based food processing. I could only sell as retail direct to the public and only on the street corner, in fairs and festivals and open air markets. Humph! In order to be wholesale, I would have to obtain a commercial license and produce my fondant and gum paste flowers in a commercial kitchen…..a feat beyond my wants, needs and finances. So I posted them under crafts/floral in my artist portfolio at  www.absolutearts.com/cgoharris    Well, it was not a waste of time, they are now just a new craft skill that I will produce on demand as an artist.

The next day I went to collect the mail and…lions, tigers and bear, oh my! Another painting “Catnap Delusions” was accepted into a gallery exhibit in Englewood, NJ.  This was becoming a week of exclamation points and dangling participles for sure!  All right guys, I said gazing skyward, whats going on here?  But alas, there was no booming thunder, no burning bush, no whispering voices, just the warm New Mexico sun on my cheek and a bit of grit in the ever present wind.    I smiled and did a small jig while my dog Charlie made anxious squeaky noises as a rabbit dashed across the road. Probably heading for another rabbit hole……..I will keep away from there!

Finished “Seeding Petals” (above) in midst of all the excitement, illusions and delusions and was quite pleased. She is a another special friend, a former art teacher and a talented artist in her own right who enlightened and seeded so many lives with art and culture.  She brought me into her world and told me to teach the children. It was a special fund raising project and I was one of several artists selected to work with a couple of classes to produce an artistic deer, like the cows of Chicago. Since that day so very long ago, she has always been there though the good and bad times to support, encourage, praise and cover me with words that lift your soul. We were never socially close, always lived far away from each other, but we found out that perhaps we just might be distant cousins coming from the same neck of the woods. It is an enduring friendship.

So, here I stand, confused once again, but feeling rather confident in I do not know what! I have applications out there, I will send out more, I will visit a bakery or two and see if my new skills have value.

I will be patient, finish the last of the works in blue series, make a few more flowers for fun then stretch a canvas and paint my soul.

Reality can be terribly amusing.

  1. Priester says:

    Hey, thanks for the post.Much thanks again. Will read on…


  2. Cioffi says:

    Great blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.


  3. Rigg says:

    Very good blog article. Really Great.


  4. URL says:

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  5. June Langford Berkley says:

    Your post about the great good fortune of meeting and working with Betsy Gordon was uplifting and joyous. I have known Betsy for many years and it is splendid to read this tribute –so accurate and so lovely. The likeness was arresting; you have captured the goodness and rare beauty of a singular human being. I had the pleasure of sharing inBetsy’s retirement party in Tampa area and am overcome once again by the impact she has and is making in the world. Your own story is inspiring as well. My best wishes and good thoughts.


  6. Donna Martin says:

    excellent post and what another wonderful painting…and having it be a special person and friend makes it even more beautiful………….When did you move back to New Mexico?,,,seems that is the place your creative spirit pops into gear!!!! by all means, make up some tasty goodies to take to bakeries…and a suggestion for you to consider regarding a cooking area that meets health standards…I have a friend who started her own business – a Muffin business, by renting out space at the college kitchen…used the ovens and all that was needed until she made enough to buy her own work area…has lots of employees now, and she is very famous here now…called Molly’s Muffins….of course has her own bakery now…but thats how she started…you may want to check that out….hugs and light! Donna


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