Feeding Time

Posted: February 14, 2012 in painting adventures, Uncategorized
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“If you’re not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original…….”, Sir Ken Robinson

The wild birds do not come when the weather is nice. The seed I place in the tray lays untouched as they search for better fare from the ground.  However, as soon as the temperature drops a little and there are signs a storm is moving through, they flock to the feeder crying “feed us, feed us, or we will perish, our homes will be destroyed, our children will not be born!”  Or so it seems.

Working in the deli/bakery I have found that people are not much different! They buy what they need on a daily or weekly basis and carry on with their lives. But let the temperature drop a bit and they flock to the store in search of sustenance as if they too might perish if not immediately fed.

It seems at times the world stand terribly unprepared.   I think I my mind works overtime entertaining itself from the mundaness of the daily grind.

Since the beginning of January, they have changed my schedule every two weeks at work.  It is becoming harder and harder to plan any kind of life. Having the ability and skill to do just about anything, I am being used and perhaps abused, as a fill in person. Finding the few hours here and there where I am not exhausted to work on a painting, to listen to music that is not rap or grunge, to read a book…….luxuries I once took for granted, have now become treasures I hunt.

The very young now rule the world and their shallowness is transparent.  We were so very different so very long ago…….but I am sure each generation says the same thing as time fleets and flits away to another week, another month, another year shaping a future we can only imagine.

I finished the next in the Works in Blue series, Shadowed Petals. My essence paintings, as I have come to call them.  Not being portraits per se, but instead, the essences of an emotional memory I hold of that individual.

This one emerged having more depth than the others. She was/is a profound person, cool water running deep. Her emotions stretched taunt over time dealing with the insurmountable, with painful memories, with loss, with the past/present/future rolled into one; with herself. Creating life on a day to day basis, a future she cannot envision but holds as a potential.

We connected by chance on that very dense platform  where the questions lay waiting to be answered. Both of us more aware of everything around us and ourselves than we care to admit, seeing beyond the ordinary, beyond the pale.

We are not unlike the feeder filled with seed waiting for the desperate bird to come, partake and then leave us empty, alone, preparing for the next event that will give our lives a bit of worth. At the same time we are both filled with the joy of living, of doing, of creating of just being.

A long time ago someone asked me to describe myself.  “Complicatedly simple”, I responded.  This painting represent the first person I ever met to whom I could also apply that phrase.

We have a shared illusion of reality, kindred spirits who have never met, living on opposite ends of the world.

They are forecasting snow for the rest of the week, time to fill the feeder tray in preparation.

  1. Betsy says:

    As always sage and talent travel together in you my friend!


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