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“I know God only gives me what he thinks I can handle, I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.” Mother Teresa


At 5:15 in the morning it is quite dark. The overwhelming intensity of the star array in the New Mexico sky is diminished by the brightness of a full moon and clouds of a new storm moving though. I get in my truck and head off into the darkness, work at the bakery starts early.  Aside from my headlights, the road is lit by the occasional street light or reflective signs.

Every once in a while I drive though what I call black holes. Areas where the only light is my headlight and even the brights have a hard time breaking the thickness of the dark.

I think life is like that, we go though dark holes, emerging into a dim light of awareness and then as the clock ticks forward the horizon lightens with a new dawn. Awareness. Philosophy 101 at 6am and time to go to work.

I have been thinking as I drive in the early hours about my new painting “Petaled Gifts” and how I can best describe this person and the gift she gave me.  When we first met it was like we knew each other forever. There was trepidation at first, for neither of us was sure the other was experiencing the same feeling. But as that week wore on, we became “re-aquainted” and I knew many times in many lives we were someone special to each other: a sister, a mother, a friend, a brother, a father, the list could go on forever.

Whether or not this is true is unimportant, we just were, and will always be, kindred spirits. What she has shown me over the years is a quality, like a brightness in the dark. A quality I would seek to emulate to at least make part of my being.

She is endurance dressed in fragility covered by strength, filled with understanding and human kindness. She is a wonder, truly a walking definition of love and light.

uściski zawsze.







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