Zebras – by Cassandra Gordon-Harris

Posted: December 26, 2011 in painting adventures
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"No one would have crossed the ocean if they could have gotten off the ship in the storm." unknown



If the snow gets any deeper, the icicles any longer, the cold any more frigid, I would declare the beginnings of another ice age approaching. Alas, this Christmas Day as my husband watches football, the cats moan about not being able to go outside, the dog gleefully running and playing in the snow and me at the computer watching as a warm sun brightens and even bluer sky allowing the icicles to grown another foot, I gleefully welcome another beautiful day here in the mountains! Only a few more months and we will sigh with the beginnings of spring, but right now, another log on the fire if you please.

I finished the next in a the series of "Works in Blue".  "Petals Within" depicts a dear, dear friend. She was a student first, although I do not think I ever taught her much. So very talented in her own right, structured to the N th degree and filled with great joy.I believe she came to class to adsorb the vibration and download the overflowing amount of inspiration the class offered and the friendship of likeminded individuals. This woman came to class with a box filled with the tools of her trade: pens, brushes, various inks or paints, markers, rulers and odd assortment of things used to create shapes or layers. Intricate geometric designs defying logic or space would appear on her paper, her ability to focus and hold the complex designs in her head always amazed me.


We became friends slowly and that friendship has lasted for many years. She gave me a great gift. The gift of Truth, words spoken in a gentle, loving way, that it lit a light inside my head and gave explanation to a myriad of things.  Her words stay with me to this day.


The box of zebras represent her lines and the mystery of her tools that started in a small box and over the years grew to cloth bags and carts and toolboxes. She has never lost the magic, the mystery, the excitement of constantly evolving, the joy of discovery and gentleness of a big heart and a strong personality.  


I am having so very much fun doing these women, memories of real people caught in my world, or perhaps just visiting, but riding the ship with me though the many storms of life. 


absolutearts.com Portfolio


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