Posted: November 22, 2011 in painting adventures
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“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad”- unknown

The holidays approach with great speed and I am not prepared!  But, when December begins,  I will start a new painting.

I have managed to complete the second in the series of Works in Blue, “Yellow Leaves”; have laid out the third, have the fourth sketched out, and know how the fifth will take shape.  Just need more time to actually paint!

While not painting, I did manage to get a book published  with 73 photos of my work from 2005-2011. It was time to put them all together, if for nothing else but my own pleasure.

Completed a collaboration with a fellow artist Christian Moeller in Germany, ,we set up dual Facebook Artists Pages with him as administrator on my page and me on his.

My page will be a sort of documentary outlining the events and major paintings leading up to my …….. Let’s see, Decline? Fall, Invisibility? My ego likes to paraphrase  … we will laughingly call it my demise into oblivion.  All this took time, time away from painting. However, my show is not until summer of 2012, so there is more time out there… always more time in the pockets of eternity!

In the meantime, here lies the second gentile painting of a real person sitting in my world… She was a good friend from very long ago, and she taught me how to laugh. A very special gift. I am taking great pleasure in doing these works. They may have significance and meaning only for me, but then it is an artist’s duty to paint the truth as they see it, a self-truth. Whether the paint races across the canvas in forceful, determined strokes of madness as in Christian’s work, or sits quietly and muses an inner thought like mine….there must be a truth.

A distant relative told me not too long ago that my truth of calling myself a professional was not real because I was not selling anything. “Professionals sell.” He said, candidly adding that since I had not painted in a year or two perhaps I could not even be considered an artist.  It always amazes me how some people have this desperate need to try to bring me to my knees. I smiled at him when he said those words. The pity for his ignorance I felt overwhelmed anything I could have said; besides my words would have just fallen upon the floor unheard or ridiculed.

Therefore, let me raise a glass of wine this Thanksgiving, to my very dear friends, my peers, artists, painters, musicians, photographers and writers who know the truth of life.  Who ply their craft and paint their souls so they may hang on a wall, lay on a page, tantalize the mind or dance across a screen, exposed, naked, for others to see. I am so very grateful to them and so many others, who have shown me their truth, and taught me to smile.


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