Moving On

Posted: September 6, 2011 in painting adventures
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Three Moon Lullaby- oil on canvas

“They must find it difficult… Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority.” -Gerald Massey

“Within each organization there are those who seize power and it consumes them to the determent of employees working under their supervision.

In my entire career, I have never written a letter like this before, never been in a situation where I felt it was necessary.  I am not writing this as a victim looking for vengeance or reprisal. I am not looking for compensation. I am writing this so you are aware that integrity, ethics, company policy and respect for the individual is cast aside when it is easier to hold kangaroo courts and pre-condemn the individual before they have a chance to speak; before questions are asked, before the truth can be discerned.  If that individual does speak out in defense of false accusations then they are given threats, ultimatums using fear tactics. There is no middle ground; there is no redemption.”

So began my letter of resignation from my job as Cashier at Walmart. The letter went to the store manager with copies to the corporate office and their global ethics office.

In this brave new world I could no longer compromise my integrity by being told twice by an assistant manager after complaints from customers, that contrary to company policy, I must allow the customer to do anything they wish, however they wish, even if it means injuring me or committing fraud and theft. If I refused to change there would be dire consequences.

Being unable to change bad behavior that did not exist and since I had no redeeming qualities there was no choice but to close that 3 year door and move on to whatever the universe has in store for me.

The legend of my fall, much to the chagrin of some friends and past art business associates has been hard to bear. Not able to understand why they survived the destruction of this economy, while I fell into a deep pit. Karma, I tell them, we can shape our destiny and direct it but I sometimes feel we have no choice when there are lessons to be learned. Old souls like me know these times well.

On the bright side, I am full of inspiration and starting new paintings, cutting the grass, and watch the hummingbirds drink as much juice as they can just so I can make more! I have entered work into several competitions and have my fingers crossed.

Current friends are cheering my exodus saying it was past time.  I just wanted to be part of something bigger than myself, but I did not like having people yell at me every day and then when no appeasement satisfied them, report me to management. I could not have been more patient, more tolerant, I could not lower and humble myself anymore than I did….there is something inartistically wrong with our society when a corporation will give the customer permission and rewards for behaving badly while punishing the abusee.

But then my personal standards are higher than most.  So I heave a big sigh and say, OK guys, enough of the lower levels, show me where to go next.

I am flooding the market with my resume, have had 3 interviews so far……a good sign….and I do believe in signs post along the way. There is movement in the force and I can feel something making its way toward me………..could be an ill wind or a blessed breeze….both are welcomed…..……stay tuned!


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